Project Description


Materials : stainless steel (acrylic)

Craft: welding (laser cutting)

Finish Effect: painted ( brushed | polished)

Recommend Size : Letter’s Longest Length is 200mm-600mm ( 7.87” – 23.62″ ) at least with minimum stroke is 10mm ( 0.4” ) at least.

Combine the premium look of halo lit letters ( backlit letters signage ) with the sophisticated visibility of diffused halo lighting. Halo lit letter ( lighted metal letters ) is made up of two parts. The top material is stainless steel or acrylic. A variety of finish options can be choose such as brushed, polished, titanium coated, painted in stainless steel. Acrylic can be painting or silk-screen the pattern and color as you want. Three dimensional or flat shape effect both can be made. The bottom material is transparent white acrylic within light source. Halo lit letter ( backlit letters signage ) is commonly used as outdoor or indoor signage in storefronts, business shopping mall, public buildings, company building and offices wall.