Project Description


Smd Led Board Sign is quite light in weight, multiple colors, waterproof and heat-resistant, can be used directly as LED letter sign. As a new light source, SMD led board sign can replace the traditional lights. At present, LED modules and LED strips are widely used as the light source, which would cost more time and labor on the assembling. In order to solve this industry problem, SunnyNeon Sign has brought in hundred-thousand-dollar equipment from Japan to produce this product. It can automatically produce based on the standard of the shape of the led letters, realize one-step installation, abandon the cumbersome process of traditional light source installation, and greatly enhance the advertising sign production efficiency. And the quality and lighting effect is also guaranteed.

Materials: Copper Clad Laminate
Light Source: Led Chip
Recommend Size: Average letter longest Length is recommended to be 50mm-600mm with a minimum stroke is 3mm at least.